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Yarn Shop Day

May 8, 2015 No Comments by Heidi

Cart O'Yarn


Yarn shop day took place last Saturday. It was set up by Let’s Knit Magazine to encourage knitters to visit their bricks and mortar LYS (Local Yarn Shop).

In our area, there are 4 independent shops that sell yarn; some among other craft items and others with floor to ceiling shelves. One of my favourites is The Knitting Hut in Woburn Sands. It’s a tiny shop that you can pass by if you’re not looking for it but it has a huge amount of character and charm.

I popped in really quickly on Saturday because the OH & toddler were with me. Even though they are quite happy to look about, I don’t feel comfortable staying long in shops when they are with me. It doesn’t seem fair.

Rachel Coopey of Coop Knits was there! I wish I had known in advance and planned to have the lads just drop me off. Anyway we had a quick chat and found out that The Knitting Hut is reducing their amount of yarn stock and focusing on classes. Must say I’m really disappointed. I love classes but there’s nothing like going into your LYS to have a look at all the lovely yarns, getting inspiration, meeting other fellow fibre fiends and new to you yarn. This just does’t happen with the websites or the big multi shops that are squeezing the independents out of business.

Get to your LYS! Buy what you can afford. Don’t squish yarn at the LYS then purchase for cheaper online. If you don’t support the little guys they will disappear along with all the lovely yarn.


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