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Work Space

September 18, 2015 No Comments by Heidi

Since my other half is technically a remote worker we do have a dedicated office. It’s in the only room in our house with closets. I’ll never get used to the lack of closet space here. Anyway I digress.

It’s not a horrible space but I prefer the view out over the garden at ground level. I like watching the birds and other creatures. Sometimes it’s nice to just admiring the outdoor space. However this means a less than ideal set up for working. Working hunched over the laptop on the dining table has contributed to my banjaxed shoulder quite a bit. So I finally saw sense after chatting to the physio and came up with a new set up.

After measuring my graphics tablet & laptop, I picked up a plastic box drawer yoke from Ikea that works as storage and raises my laptop up to eye level. Then dusted off an old USB keyboard and mouse. When I’m working at the computer, I bring in a higher chair and throw a cushion on it to add more height. Viola! An ergonomic working area for less than a tenner with a fabulous view.

Do you have a dedicated workspace or are you camped out in some other corner of your home?


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