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WIP Wednesday | Growing Slowly

March 23, 2016 No Comments by Heidi


It feels like I’ve been working on the body of this cardi for yonks with no progress. Rationally, I know this isn’t the case. Also my tape measure insists that the centimetres are mounting up and I’m only 3-5cm away from picking up the band stitches!

Because the body portion is so big and at times super boring, I’ve limited myself to 2 rows per sitting as I usually lose the will to go on after the 3rd row. This limit turned out to be amazing for new sewing projects I’ve wanted to work on but didn’t have time for since I had so many crochet/knitting WIPs on the go.

During one of these fits of boredom/frustration, I started a small English paper piecing (EPP) project. I had no idea how relaxing cutting, glueing fabric to paper and sewing the little pieces together could be. I’m totally hooked. While I’m not sure what the fabric will be once done, I’ve already started to think about my next hand sewing project.


Hope you’re having a lovely week & your WIPs are going well.


p.s. I love this hexie picture. After months of struggling with my new macro lens, we’ve finally clicked. It was one of those moments where I started babbling about technical stuff to my partner. At first he was a bit puzzled cause he doesn’t speak the same photo language but a light went on in my brain. The solution was so simple once the words formed in the world that I was able to fix it the next day. Love that.

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