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WIP Wednesday |Blackcurrant Shawl

July 27, 2016 No Comments by Heidi

IMG_4266Hello! Long time no see eh? It’s been a busy time here but things are settling down and we’re in waiting mode for our newest family member. I’ve chipped away at my WIPs so now instead of 12 there’s only 4! That is until the Ravellenic Games start up.

Of the four, I’m currently in love with my Blackcurrant Shawl by Veera Välimäki the most. I’ve admired the structure and lines of her patterns from before I was able to knit. I never thought I’d have the skills to make one of her shawls but I do! My Knitmas elf gifted it to me last year and I’ve been keeping an eye out for a delicious yarn since.

Some yarn happened to sneak it’s way home with me from Woolfest and I promptly started. It’s British Stein Fine Wool DK from Little Grey Sheep in Nautilus. I love the color and it’s so squishy soft. Oh and the smell! When my project bag opens, there’s a very faint waft of sheep. It’s transportive, my imagination automatically has me standing in field full of sheep. Amazing, especially since my mobility went rapidly down hill in the last few months.

There were a couple false starts with Blackcurrant due to weariness but I got there in the end and it’s growing nicely. At first this seemed like a daytime, brain fully functioning project, not so!  After a few repeats the pattern has nestled nicely in my brain and hands so that it can be worked on well into the evening.

I hope you’re WIPs are going well too!


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