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Time Flies

July 3, 2015 No Comments by Heidi

UntitledI’m not quite sure where the weeks are going. As the days slipped past me in the last couple of weeks, I felt guilty. Guilty for not writing proper posts and for not posting at all. If so inclined I probably could have carved out time but posting was not a priority. The priority is looking being good to myself. After that everything else will fall back into place.

I’m weary. Not the weariness from chasing a toddler cause that usually can be cured by a few early nights. I’m weary of waiting for an answer to come back on my residence / immigration status. I’m also immensely sad and the sadness grows each day as my friend’s wedding date draws closer with the probability of not being able to go increases. I’m frustrated and angry that events in my life are not within my control but the control of a bureaucratic process. So I had a few moments of the last couple of weeks and embraced these feelings instead of trying to suffocate them. In fact as I type these words, the lump in my throat surfaces again.

Instead of doing tasks I felt I should be doing, that frankly aren’t important in the grand scheme of things; I took whatever available time to make. Whether it was the hap, or baby blanket, various swatches or plan; I’ve tried to have something to do during the brief moments of quiet to soothe my frazzled spirit.

While I know it is unlikely there will be an answer in time to attend the wedding, I still hold out a sliver of hope and keep making in order to keep calm.


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