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That Holiday Feeling

July 24, 2015 No Comments by Heidi

holiday feelingYesterday was the official end of the school year and a mum organized a night out at the local. It was lovely to meet new people and chat properly without having to worry about what the sprog is getting up to.

Combined with my visa coming in, booking our trip to Ireland, drinks out and Fibre East this weekend; I have that holiday feeling! I thought it was going to elude me this year.

Going back “home” for a little bit and returning here creates a sense of a do over. All the stresses of immigration issues are slowly melting away. There are no questions of whether we’ll like the area or not, we love it. There’s no threat of being separated from each other, 5 year visa baby! We can return with all the hope and enthusiasm we initially had before all the issues started in December. I can move freely now and that is an absolutely amazing feeling.

So it’s time to pack and as usual I’m more concerned about what projects are coming along than what I’ll wear. The OH is driving so I’ve 6+ hours of making time and I’m really hoping that I can get a good chunk of a new pattern written. It has been slow to get started. I’ve been working on it in stolen moments so hopefully a good bit of concentrated time will help. I’ve also a 2nd sock to finish so I can bust into a lovely ball of birthday yarn or maybe a new acquisition from Fibre East. I do have my eye on some of  Easy Knitter’s fab colour ways and surely 1 ball of sock yarn will be ok. Right?

I will leave you the ear worm that took hold on Monday, Nina Simone’s Feeling Good. I hope that you all are Feeling Good!

xx H

ps Irish friends, you’re gonna get so many massive bear hugs!


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