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December 3, 2014 2 Comments by Heidi


This beauty is the sandwich I look forward to for weeks. The post Thanksgiving leftover turkey sambo. I dream about it days before. It starts out with two slices of fresh bakery bread (a lovely local sour dough this year in lieu of Pechter’s rye bread) slathered with Hellmann’s mayo then a thick layer of turkey with a dollop of cranberry sauce and finally a layer of stuffing (OH makes a bacon wrapped pork sausage meat stuffing that’s awesome.). I’m drooling now. I ate the last one for lunch today & there is a sadness in my heart and joy in my tum 🙂

For our first Thanksgiving in the new house, we had only 8 other folk for dinner. That’s down from 26 last year in a smaller house. Holy crap, how’d we do it? Anyway, it was really lovely to see nearly all our UK based friends. It’s helped make things feel a bit more normal, if that makes sense. It felt like a proper Thanksgiving, enjoying good food, good company and some good wines.

I’m working away on my Secret Santa gift for the knitty Christmas party. I hit a snag for a while there I lost a stitch but could not figure out where? Hate it when that happens. Especially when 2 nights later I finally have the wherewithal to find it. I will forge on as any good elf would and finish up this week. Fingers crossed!

Now that Thanksgiving is done, Christmas can begin in earnest. First out the little crochet trees on the window sill along with a lantern. The Christmas decorations have been brought down and a trip was made to the toddler’s favorite shop for a few filler tree decorations. I’ve been collecting handmade decorations for the last few years but there is no where near enough to decorate a tree. Hopefully we’ll get a bit of time before Christmas to make a few salt dough ornaments with the little one.

Untitled Untitled Untitled

Photos from left to right: set up for turning on high street Christmas lights, setting my inner Housewife of NJ free, post Thanksgiving breakfast of coffee with an amazing carrot & raisin muffin.


  1. Yvonne
    3 years ago

    The sandwich looks great. Our post turkey food was always cold turkey (I’m not a sandwich fan) with hot homemade chips. I miss that.


    • Heidi
      3 years ago

      Yvonne, that sounds delicious too. Do you do Thanksgiving dinner or would you do turkey & chips with Christmas leftovers instead?


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