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Tea, Tissues & Terrible TV

November 17, 2014 No Comments by Heidi

Well, mid week the toddler’s drool river slowed in order to give way to the Chicken Pox. It’s brilliant that we’ve gotten this so early and it’s not been so bad really. A few patches here and there without too much itching. Just a poorly wee toddler who wasn’t sure what was happening.

For me, weariness turn to run down and the lurgy set in. Thankfully it was close to the weekend and himself took over ensuring the toddler was adequately amused with hours of Lego construction while I watched terrible television and crocheted more hearts with my furry hot water bottle by my side.

IMG_7220 IMG_7212

As the week progresses and I continue to feel better, I hope to get some time to work on another tools of the thread post. I’ve located nearly all of my various crochet hooks and photographed some which is a good start. For me the photos act as my outline for what I want to write. They guide / remind me what I set out to accomplish.

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