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Room with a View

October 21, 2014 2 Comments by Heidi

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I worked on a few things over the weekend and wrote up a few posts. Some aren’t quite finished and others are secret until the postman delivers them. However, today was the first day the toddler was in creche / play school for the full 5 hours. I had a good stretch of time in front of me so finally tackled the sun room just opposite to the kitchen.

The sun room was doing my nut in. I had high hopes for this space after first seeing it but the room quickly became a dumping ground for things. I just didn’t want it to get stuck that way and ruin my day dreams. There were boxes for unpacking, piles of stuff to sort into either the bin, charity box, storage or for Freecycle/Freegle.  In general it was untidy and was not providing any benefit.

I got stuck in and within 2 hours, it showed promise. There’s space for my knitting machine and the clothes airer. I might move the coat rack in here along with all our shoes and winter accessories. It’s so much easier to clean up the mud and muck from the kitchen and sun room flooring than from the “wood” flooring in the sitting room. I’m looking forward to soaking up some of the warmth when the sun is out and listening to the rain when it isn’t.

sun room with rocker and work space knitting machine table, door knob used as table bolts

I set up my knitting machine table after a small hiccup. The bolts that keep the legs up are stored somewhere safe (aka supers secret). When I unpacked another box, I found a couple of drawer knobs that worked and added some fun to the table. I dragged my knitting machine out and set it up. Now all it needs is the sponge bar changed and a couple of needles switched out. I’ve all the supplies to do the sponge bar myself, if I can find the replacement sponge. I watched lots of You Tube videos and this one was by far the best of the crop. I would suggest sticking on the subtitles and turning the volume on mute. The music is louder than the chatting. As I experiment with the knitting machine, I’ll post more about the blogs I’m reading and suppliers I’ve found.



  1. al#1
    3 years ago

    Looks great!!


    • Heidi
      3 years ago

      Thanks Al#1!


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