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Resolutions Schmesolutions

January 6, 2015 1 Comment by Heidi

I’m not big on doing new year resolutions. Most of the time it’s the same things year in year out; eat less,exercise more, etc. They don’t get done and I end up feeling bad about myself. Instead I like making goals for the quarter and would normally do a yearly round up around my birthday. Birthdays seem like a natural time to celebrate a new year and make resolutions as opposed to the changing of the calendar. But that’s just me.

Saying all that, I sat down recently to take stock of what items from last quarter were accomplished and which ones fell by the wayside. I felt that plans derailed once the play school plagues took hold and other things didn’t quite go to plan. Usually, I try to keep the list to 3 things so anything else is a bonus instead of yet another thing I didn’t get done. So here is the list from last quarter which is much longer because we moved country and I was an excited bunny about being in my own home with all my things again.

  1. Find and join a local knit group.
  2. Done! They are an amazing bunch and I feel so lucky to have landed in with a group of friendly, funny and inclusive crafty folk.

  3. Explore the area.
  4. While this is more of an ongoing thing, this has been done both as a family and on my own.

  5. Get out on my bike
  6. Kind of done, I’ve been out twice due to limited time without the toddler but over the holidays I picked up a kiddie trailer so there will be more cycling adventures to come.

  7. Get back to yoga.
  8. Not done so moved onto this quarter. I’ve purchased class passes and the local studio also holds pilates classes that I’m hoping to give a go.

  9. Sew more.
  10. I’ve taken out the machine and sewed a couple of Christmas stocking mock ups but I’d like to do more. This one is moving onto this quarter too.

Goals for this quarter.

  1. Get back to yoga
  2. Sew more.
  3. Write and publish a crochet pattern.
  4. For me this is the biggest one. I’ve sat down more times than I’ve had fingers & toes to write a non beginner pattern, got half way or even 3/4 of the way through then let the critics in my brain talk me out of it. I hope to silence them and finish a non beginner/ non class related pattern.

Everything else I thought of is really a task associated with moving house so will get done in it’s own time. There’s stuff to sort out in the house and digital housekeeping; changing over accounts to the UK and tidying up Irish ones. You know the fun stuff.

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