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Praise Barbra!!

July 20, 2015 No Comments by Heidi

buntingA fellow non-religious friend needed someone to pray to while in college. You know, for good grades, a gentler hangover in the morning, for the freshman 5 to settle somewhere useful, the usual college age stuff. She named her deity, Barbra.

I gave Barbara a shot last week. Sort of a Hail Mary if you will just before coming to terms with not being able to attend my friends’ wedding. I fully expected that visa would come through early September, the full 6 month processing time.

Well, come here till I tell you, Barbra worked (or blind luck)! My visa came through in the nick of time.

There are lots of whoops and woo hoo’s coming from Ready! Set! Stitch HQ this morning and echoing across our little Irish community.

Thank you Barbra! And many thanks to everyone who wished us well and have lent an ear over the last 4 months.

xx H

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