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Post Festival Life

August 24, 2015 No Comments by Heidi

Well, camping was a major success even with only 2hrs sleep on the 2nd night. Sprog had a fantastic time playing with the pack of “big boy”, messing on the slip and slide and generally running around exploring. We met so many insanely lovely people and their kids I could have cried. After we realised the big kids not only didn’t mind having our sprog about, they actually liked playing with him, we relaxed and let him off to play and explore with the other kids. Really the entire weekend was a very far cry from what we were used to, not only in a city but one of the rougher areas of town. Although we are blow ins, we were welcomed with open arms and a barrage of curious questions. NJ/NY to Ireland? Ireland to Milton Keynes?! and that sort of craic 😀

We’re totally looking forward to next year!!

I took part in the beginning of the foraging class and learned to spot elder berries (elder flowers), hawthorne, deadly nightshade, lords & ladies, dandelion leaves, stinging nettles and a little plant that and sloe. We also learned when to pick each and what to do with them. Extra bonus was all the flowers, berries and leaves were fab colour and possible pattern inspirations. I wish I got to do the last half of the class the basket weaving but it wasn’t interesting yet for the sprog.

So many people showed up for the bunting class that I was overwhelmed and unfortunately only a couple left knowing how to get going. However, everyone left happy so I really shouldn’t stress too much over it. As with most things, the solution came to me in the moments before sleep and a new super simple class for when heaps of beginners show up was born.

This morning brings us back to normal life and I can’t help but wish we were still camping. The sprog does too. Despite my lack of sleep hangover, I finally cracked the math yesterday on the edging for the baby blanket. Now, I’m settling in to charting up the edging pattern with a massive eraser by my side.

big eraser & charts

It’s funny but all of the experiences this weekend, the inspiration and time spent with lovely people has done more for me this week than reading or listening to work related stuff. Just goes to show map making takes many forms.

Back to work, hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a wonderful Monday.

x H


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