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FO Friday | Puerperium Cardi

Happy Friday folks! Long time no FO it seems but I’ve been making like a mad thing of late. Promise! Everything else is just super Santa secret. Some of the pieces I’ll show off after the gift exchanges others, like the Knitmas treasures, unfortunately will remain secret. Unless of course, I’m revealed by the sneaky […]

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Wordless Wednesday |Land & Sea

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Festiwool at Hitchin

Back home all cosied up on a fairly wild afternoon out there following a couple hours at Festiwool. It was lovely and added to the Sunday feeling I have today. There were some familiar faces from Fibres East and various other festivals over the last year along with some new faces. Since I’d not been before […]

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Wordless Wednesday | Bright Blue

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It’s an ongoing process

It’s taken a school term but I think we’ve a routine forming. In fact, I think the small human figured it out a lot quicker than me. I was presented with a few voluntary opportunities that I really want to take part in. The thing was I wasn’t sure how long things would take me to do […]

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My Other Love

photography books

Over the last six months or so I slowly returned to my other passion, photography. I know this not because I’m taking my camera out more often but I’m reading up on technical aspects of photography. Even when I haven’t held a camera in months I enjoy reading about the theoretical or philosophical aspects of it. I am […]

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Chatting to the OH last night about Dinovember and he admitted to being stuck as to what to do with the dinesaurs. So what do you do on a slow Monday in between chores and keeping a small person entertained? Why yes, make a list of stuff for your dinosaurs to do during Dinovember! eating […]

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FO Friday | October Leaves CAL

Finished and I couldn’t be happier with this FO. It’s been soaked but not blocked yet cause well mid term break and a tiny helper is not helpful. Even with one soak the yarn is so soft. The drape is lovely and I’m slightly sad it’s heading off to the lovely p/hop folk. I’ll just have […]

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The difference a year makes

As I work on this wee cardigan, I stopped every so often to admire it. IT’S SO TINY!! And CUTE! I can’t wait to cuddle the little one that’s meant to go in it and it’s mum. The pattern is Puerperium by Kelly Brooker. I’m also amazed. This time last year, I could not purl […]

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FO Friday | Baaarace Yourself Cowl

  I think this is my best FO to date! So while I couldn’t work I finished writing a pattern. It felt weird to write something not intended for a specific class or workshop but for release into the wild. I won’t lie it is bit scary (as all new things sometimes are) but my crafty […]

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October Leaves CAL Week 3

I love the light this time of year because it shifts so quickly that new hues bounce out at different times. The colours also change as you get closer too, so what appeared bright red is a bit muted. It’s been a far away up close week both for the shawl and all the beautiful leaves. […]

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Embrace the Wonky

After a year of Fridays among hand sewing quilters, I cracked. I started a small EPP (English paper piecing) project and it’s highly addictive. I love all the prep that goes into it. Cutting paper back pieces, then the fabric and wrapping the fabric around the paper. The process is very slow and meditative. The hand […]

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Christmas In October

Ok so Christmas in July didn’t work out for me. That’s ok. I’ve picked up the elfy pieces and restarted my Christmas projects. I made 2 of the Christmas stockings from Sew Like My Mom but something isn’t right about mine. The lining ends up much smaller so it doesn’t reach the bottom of the […]

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October Leaves CAL Week 2

  The trees here are exploding with vibrant reds, oranges and yellows. I like to think they’re wearing their party frocks. Here we are at the end of the 2nd week of working on October Leaves and I’m already over half way through the pattern! While making the Tunisian rows I always have a feeling that […]

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Wordless Wednesday | Wandering

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Autumnal CAL for p/hop

With a dodgy shoulder and a cyst that decided to make a reappearance, I didn’t think I’d get this CAL going at all so hadn’t chatted about it. I had great intentions of making a sample in September and some video tutorials but my body had other ideas. So as with so many other things in […]

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