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On the Right Foot

January 17, 2015 1 Comment by Heidi

Last week, to kick off the new year with a bit of an excursion, I decided to check out Threads and Patches in Fenny Stratford. So glad I did! It’s a perfect warren of crafty goodness. They have fabric, embroidery, beads, and lots of other thread based gear that I have no idea what it’s for. I’m sure my bank account is glad of my ignorance. I did however pick up this thimble and some new sewing pins in bright colors.

While they are reducing there yarn stock with the purpose of discontinuing it, they still have some lovely skeins on the ground floor and lots of knitting and crochet books among the sewing /quilting books upstairs. The cherry on top among the the rooms upstairs, is a lovely tea/coffee nook where you can have a sit and a cuppa while you catch your breath.

The shop mainly sells quilting / craft fabrics and the selection is great from solids, florals and fun kid’s prints there is something for pretty much anyone. My main mission was to find some interfacing and coordinating fabrics for the two leftover Christmas fabrics; the birds and wreaths. I was in luck! They still had the bulk of their Christmas collection out. It looks like I might be a bit homesick for my last country of residence if my color selections are anything to go by.


I also picked up a solid fabric to coordinate with a pirate print I found in the Alber Cjup Market on our first family trip to Amsterdam. There are so many lovely samples around the shop both straight forward sewn items and amazing quilted pieces. One of the shop assistants walked me through how to make up a wee toddler apron that they have on display.The apron is made with 2 fat quarters with a bit to spare and 1.5m of cotton tape for the neck loop and 2 ties. I feel pretty confident that I can complete one without too many tears/ cursing.

Starting off this week, I finally made it into a yoga class. The studios are situated in an amazing building complex that started off life as some sort of school. Now it houses the studios, an Indian restaurant, some offices and apartments all overlooking a very peaceful courtyard.

I also braved the wind and did the creche with the bike & trailer. It was so amazing to be back on the bike I really didn’t care that it was wild out or that I had get off a walk it in few spots. The best bit is the sprog loves it too now so much so extraction has become a problem. Can’t win eh?!

The plan this coming week is more stretching via yoga and a new adventure, pilates! I’m hoping all this stretching will help my sore shoulder and general stiffness. Already I find I’ve a bit more energy afterwards so maybe it will also translate into losing some Christmas and keeping the all important regular doses of Vitamin Cake from sticking to my belly. 🙂

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  1. Jayne
    6 years ago

    Vitamin Cake!


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