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October Leaves CAL Week 3

October 22, 2015 No Comments by Heidi

I love the light this time of year because it shifts so quickly that new hues bounce out at different times. The colours also change as you get closer too, so what appeared bright red is a bit muted. It’s been a far away up close week both for the shawl and all the beautiful leaves. Our little tree started turning from merlot and green to a vibrant red. As the only color left in the garden, it really is a gorgeous view in the morning.

This week, I’ve mostly been admiring the way the stitches on the shawl looks since there’s so many of them now! I love the structure of the bars on the right side. They remind me of waffles. Mmm, waffles.Then there’s something about the texture on the back. It’s bumpy but looks totally soft and I just want to smoosh it.

The far away of the shawl is really to do with all shawls towards the end. The stitch count is high so the end of the row seems so far away.

Well the kettle just clicked so I’m off for a cuppa and to take more bites out of this row.


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