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My Favorite Jumper

September 5, 2015 No Comments by Heidi

It’s another chilly morning and I refuse to put the heating on this early in September and there’s a dampness in the air. It’s the perfect time to throw on my favourite jumper.

As a maker it’s slightly embarrassing to have it in my wardrobe. This jumper isn’t made of the best material, it’s old, has pills and pulls all over the place but I LOVE it. It has extra long sleeves & cozy cowl. It’s was the first ever piece of pink clothing to enter my wardrobe.

The best thing about my favourite jumper is belonged to one of my favourite people on this planet and her lovely mum before that. The colour makes me happy and the memories of my beautiful friend do too. Although she is far away, I feel her near whenever I wear it.

Do you have a garment that brings happy memories each time you wear it?


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