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Monday, Monday

May 25, 2015 No Comments by Heidi

Filofax today
Janey Mac, it’s Monday again! Where does the time go?

I sat down yesterday to make a plan for the week and realised I’ve lost a week. Last week was so busy with visitors and a long unexpected journey that nothing on my lengthy To Do list got done.

So I’m taking advantage of the holiday and having the OH at home to chip away at that list. The highest priority is putting the finishing touches on the cowl pattern and incorporating changes suggested by the testers so it will be in the post this week. Fingers crossed.

The swatches for the next two crochet patterns are done so it would be nice to get started on them straight away. Also on the back burner is making chart for the Achemilla hap edge. For some reason the paper math and physical math haven’t lined up. It’s much faster to draw than rip back especially since my days are evaporating so quickly and this week is mid-term break.

x H

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