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Mending & Growing

June 1, 2015 No Comments by Heidi
growing sock
mending leather mending cloth
Clockwise from top: Sock experiment, mending leather handbag, mending cloth skirt.

It was one of those stop start weekends. The toddler is covered head to toe with chicken pox so it was mostly a house centric weekend working on small projects and taking bites out of larger ones while providing copious quantities of cuddles. Life’s hard ūüôā

I worked a bit on the hap but I’m especially proud of the progress I’ve made on the 1st for my feet knit socks. Not only is it growing but the tension and the stitch definition are very pleasing on the eye. The pattern is an amalgamation of the sock recipe from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s Knitting Rules¬†for structure and the P/Hop Socks: Easy Ribbed DK Socks¬†as portable¬†reference¬†to be sure stitch counts are on.

Also I did some digging¬†into the mending pile and repaired one of my favourite leather handbags. It was¬†stuffed in the top of the closet for years. One of the seams split but I hadn’t the skills/tools to mend it. I picked up a leather needle and some linen thread from John Lewis. The linen thread was too thick and wouldn’t go through so I switched to a button & carpet thread. It used to live in my mum’s sewing box and prior to that my great uncle carried it with him during his service in WWII.

Then the fab skirt, I absolutely love the print. The colours make me happy especially on grey days. I took out the stitches and am giving it a coat of looking at. Perhaps it needs elastic at the back to make it more forgiving & wearable.

I quite like using my new sewing skills and find mending things to be mostly relaxing with the exception of mending holes in small people jeans. I also enjoy using the tools and materials passed down to me.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

x H

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