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Map & List Making

November 23, 2015 No Comments by Heidi

When I put this on my to do for last week I wasn’t sure I was even going to get to it let alone write a bit about it. But I did.  It feels good and a bit scary. Like roller coaster scary not zombie scary.

I’ve been looking at /reading the Map Making guide on and off since I purchased it in August but really hadn’t done anything with it. Mostly I didn’t think what I’m doing needed an in depth plan. Then I started listening to Tara’s podcasts, like proper listening and thinking about how & what applies to me.

Turns out I’ve loads of stuff that fits so I’ve started out with the most pressing goal, video tutorials to augment the pattern I wrote, future patterns and some projects that have some tricky bits in them. At first I thought shooting video would be easy. Of course I can do that tomorrow. Oh, no my friend. I was super over ambitious. Shooting is no problem really but there’s a steep learning curve for the editing and more planning (shots, scripts, etc.) than I anticipated.

Last week I took my Map Making guide to the soft play park and while my little monkey went off to play, I got stuck in. The bones of it is done with few bits here and there to still do. It’s not really something you can do in just one sitting. At least not for me.

I struggled with the milestones but over the week a few things clicked and so I’m nearly done. It’s also sparked other goals and beginnings of goals that I’m super excited for. I’ve written them all down and will chip at them over the next while.

Also part of my getting organised and using my time better, I’ve set up a shot list as I would have used when “properly” photographing. It’s made scheduling Wordless Wednesdays much quicker as well as getting more posts written when I have the time. I find it easier to write when there is an image to start me off / remind me what exactly I was thinking.

Hope some of this inspires you in your crafty adventures!

x H


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