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Making Time

August 17, 2015 No Comments by Heidi

This time last week I was all about focusing and exploring. After doing some of the exercises, I realised one of the biggest things I feel holding me back is time; the perceived lack of it & the pervading feeling that I’m too late.

I’ve always had that feeling of being too late or behind, that I needed to catch up with peers. This just isn’t the case. When I stop to think properly on it and am not panicking, the truth is I am where I need to be right now. I could not have come to this place any sooner. And with that there is an immense exhalation and relaxation.

The lack of time is a little harder to tackle because it’s not just me in this equation. There is the sprog to think of and no play school during term breaks has thrown spanner into our schedule but to my surprise we’re doing quite well.

I set up my to do’s for the week and make sure that each task does not take longer than 2 Pomodoros (see here for more about Pomodoros). If a task will be longer than 2, I break down the tasks so they will fit into a pomodoro. I do this using Asana, a project management tool. I love it and used it to organize our wedding in 13 weeks. There’s also an add on that will send a unicorn across your screen when you’ve completed a bunch of tasks. Who doesn’t love a unicorn?!

Working off this, I’ve carved out time in the mornings to read one of Tara Swiger’s emails, answer any correspondence from friends and family, do a bit of research for future patterns or even write. This only takes about an hour or if I’m lucky 2. I do this while sprog is eating breakfast and having a play.

Then we shake off any fuzz that has set in by doing something outdoors if weather permits. It could be as simple as a trip to the playground or as elaborate as an excursion further away with a picnic. For me I get time to let my brain relax and get inspired. For the sprog, he gets to run around like a mad thing, hopefully priming him for a nap. Perfect!

This plan worked quite well last week. The sprog took naps most days last week so I got time to work on a new pattern for fingerless gloves and it’s coming along quite nicely. I really love the yarn, Merino DK in Black Cherry from Dublin Dye Company. It’s so soft, squishy and the colours are so lush. I can’t wait to finish so I can wear them. I learned a lot from my first pattern but that’s for another post.

While I’m crocheting and making notes, I’m also listening to the Follow Your Enthusiasm again from Tara and it’s brilliant. I find myself nodding along or talking back. Thankfully I’m usually in the car so no one can hear me. 🙂

So here’s a few ideas of how to get yourself a bit of time to work on things when you’ve a toddler/small person:

  1. Set out toys the night before. For example set up a train set, small cars on one of those town carpets if you have one,  a bunch of puzzles or make a reading tent/nest using some of the sofa cushions and sheet.
  2. Soft play park. I get a minimum of 2hrs from this and sprog absolutely loves it.
  3. Bring your work with you. I’ve a shopper bag I picked up at the Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam (The Dutch do fantastic shoppers). I fill the bag with my project bag, notebook and writing implements and take it where ever I go. This way if I get a few minutes, I can take a small bite out of tasks to hand.

Hopefully the rest of the summer break will follow suit so I’ve time to explore and make. I do hope you all are getting time to work on what makes you happy too.

x H



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