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Machine Knitting Adventures

June 15, 2015 No Comments by Heidi
needle bed 2 Knitmaster cover
needle bed

Recently I had a chance to take a 1-2-1 class and with a lovely woman from Northampton University, Claire Newberry. It was a brilliant session. Like so many fun things, the time went too fast.

Claire gives 1-2-1 classes in her bright and airy studio from absolute beginners to advanced techniques. It’s an Aladdin’s cave filled floor to ceiling fibre. Everywhere you look there are swatches, mock ups of garments, photos of yarn and massive shelves housing a plethora of yarn on cones.

I had a couple things I wanted to cover going in, how to change a needle and change colour. Claire covered those and so much more. We sat at the machine and went through casting on, knitting at different textures, manipulating stitches with tucks, eyelets and ladders.  We talked about swatches and how to organise them for easy reference. At the end of the session, there was about a 4ft swatch for my notebook.

At the earliest child free day, I set to fixing my machine. I changed out the sponge bar, mended a needle and popped another in an empty slot. My machine is ready for testing. Now all it needs is yarn. I see a trip to the Yeoman factory in my near future.

x H



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