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It’s an ongoing process

November 10, 2015 No Comments by Heidi

today, diary page
It’s taken a school term but I think we’ve a routine forming. In fact, I think the small human figured it out a lot quicker than me.

I was presented with a few voluntary opportunities that I really want to take part in. The thing was I wasn’t sure how long things would take me to do or how much time do I actually have.

So I’ve been experimenting with scheduling and how to best use my time as well as the best way to organise myself. The starting point was figuring out how much time do I have. Here’s how I did it.

Simple pencil & paper works for me so I mapped out a typical day that involved play school, work time for me and pick up of the OH. Super! I’ve basically a  7:30am to  3:30pm day. I work best in pomodoro type time slots so broke down the day further.The immovable items are slotted in and voile! I’ve a daily schedule that works well on non school days too.

This is not your typical 9-5 day (who has those anyway?) so  store bought filofax pages just don’t work for my day. Instead of letting my filofax sit in the corner gathering dust making me feel guilty, I armed myself with ideas from the folks at Philofaxy and made my own sheets.  The site also has recommendations of hole punchers to suit your organizer if that’s something you want to do. I’ve uploaded a blank PDF of my schedule if you want to use it too. It’s sized to fit the filofax pocket organizer. 🙂

screenshot schedule

If you’re like me and think how do people come up with this magical stuff. This “simple” document wasn’t made overnight. It’s culmination of months of observing consciously & unconsciously how I do stuff and the final kick came from listening to Tara Swiger’s Podcast 21 Family + Your Business and realising I needed to set a boundary on when is & isn’t work time not only for my own head space but for the lads.

Do you have any tips or organisational tricks to help set aside working or crafting time?

x H

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