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Home Sweet Home

December 31, 2014 1 Comment by Heidi

Sorry so long, no hear. The mission of the last while has been to relax and recuperate. The mission is accomplished. Presently all of us are in good health & spirits, even the toddler’s horrible cough is gone, and we’ve had lots of rest. All of this in our own home. Yay!

After the dust settled, we did bit of research on the different immigration options available. Then a chance encounter with one of my lovely crafty/knitty friends and a good warble rescued the “in our own home” Christmas we yearned for. Our chat was an opportunity to hear out loud what had been formulating in my mind. Afterwards we organized to speak with an immigration lawyer, who was wonderful and set our minds at ease. All is not lost, just not straight forward and they can help us in the new year.

We had the first Christmas ever without major travel and in our own home. Woohoo! It’s mad thinking that as grown adults we’ve never done our own Christmas. It wasn’t as spectacular as I had planned pre-immigration fiasco but it was still amazing. We purchased a wreath and a tree that we decorated together. There’s dashes of tinsel strewn about and lots of festive lighting. The toddler attended his Christmas party, impatiently waited for a gift from Santa, sang carols and played pass the parcel (which ended in tears due to nat getting to keep said parcel, them’s the breaks).

IMG_7437 Christmas Tree
IMG_7364 IMG_7367

My crafty group Christmas dinner was fantastic and all the items I planned to make were finished and blocked in time. They were loved! It’s so nice making gifts for fellow crafters. I received a gorgeous project bag and beautiful skein of electric blue lace weight (sorry no photos). In fact, it was the exact color I was looking for to match my wedding shoes.

IMG_7377 IMG_7378
IMG_7376 IMG_7373

So, I didn’t finish the stockings. There is a level of skill required to finish them nicely that I don’t possess yet. The pattern instructs 2 layers (print front/back and lining) are the total required but the finished product is a bit flimsy. I want something with a bit more substance that will last at least until the toddler is old enough to want something else or make his own. I learned a couple of ways to go about this via one of my crafty ladies, use interfacing between the fabrics or quilt. I like the look and feel of the quilting best so will work towards this over the winter. I also didn’t stiffen the crocheted heart decorations. Oh well! This is how life goes sometimes. While I was too late this year for these projects, I’m totally ahead of the game for next year!

IMG_7431 IMG_7429 IMG_7430

Christmas day itself was one of the best I’ve had so far as in the top three of all time Christmas’. There were WOW’s and hand clapping from the toddler at the sight of all the presents under the tree. Although, the leftovers (steak & kidney pie, glass of Concrete Cows Pail Ale, hot coco) of Santa’s and Rudolph’s (carrots) snacks went unnoticed. I think Santa snack is something for next year when the toddler fully understands the concept of Santa. Right now, I suspect Santa is just some guy who looks like Grandad but with a different funny outfit.

IMG_7458 IMG_7485 IMG_7495

So what did Santa bring?! I received skein of Dublin Dye Swing Sock yarn and the alpaca tool tin from the Sexy Knitter both of which I’ve put in my Etsy cart numerous times but always myself out of. I also received the GB Sewing Bee book and some books on the local area. The toddler was over the moon with his gifts of planes, trains and automobiles. The biggest surprise was he absolutely loved the Fireman Sam annual that Granny & Grandad sent. He’s not usually one for books but seems to be warming to them. The WW11 themed surprise gift that was brought together by a fabulous charity bookshop find went down a treat with the OH and as usual he loved his Field Notes subscription.

IMG_7459 IMG_7460
IMG_7461 IMG_7462
IMG_7468 IMG_7371

The major thing I loved the most, beyond the gifts and the general Christmas festivities, was being in my own home. This year we spent 9 months living in someone else’s house with the majority of our things boxed up, we battled red tape, we organized a big for us wedding and we moved countries. I think that’s a whole lot of stuff to do and while much of it was joyful there were equal amounts of energy, spirit sapping stress. I for one am proud to have made it through this year without medication 🙂 and in the end, my good humor still intact.

I hope you all had a Christmas you’re happy with; that you relaxed, spent time with those you loved and had ample crafting time as well. I wish you the very best of new  years, may it bring many adventures, surmountable obstacles, good/improved health and an abundance of love.

x H & Snuggly Dog aka Huey


One Comment

  1. Maryanne Spatola Nolan
    6 years ago

    Hi Heidi,
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Glad to see all is well “over the pond”. Miss you guys & hope to hear from you soon. Patty is here with me & sends her love too. We are surviving day by day… Great luck in your new home!!!
    Love, Mare


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