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Home Sweet Home

August 8, 2015 No Comments by Heidi

It was lovely to be away but it’s oh so nice to be home in my own bed.

We had grand plans for our adventure and it went well for the first half. We got to spent 2 lovely days prior to the wedding helping the happy couple prepare, drinking coffee and chatting. The wedding did not disappoint, it was fabulous. It had that easy summer festival feeling to it and we spent the entire time chatting away with friends and relations before slipping away to the best night sleep we’ve had in post sprog memory.

The second half wasn’t very pleasant since every one took turns getting very ill over the last 8 days of our trip. Needless to say not much holiday crocheting or knitting happened but I did finish my socks. You can see them either in the sidebar or over on my instagram feed.  They were super handy since it was freezing.

In the end, we were all fit for our return journey. Would you believe after all the palaver over getting a visa sorted, no one even asked to see them?

Any way enough inside time. The sun is beating down in the garden. It’s time to shift the unpacking procrastination outdoors.

x H

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