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Getting Things Done

October 18, 2014 2 Comments by Heidi
It’s one of those weeks where I didn’t realize how much I’ve done until I look at the snapshots taken through the week. It’s a great feeling especially since I’m struggling through the Little Sister Dress. There’s a couple of design features from when I was too tired to be working on it but I’m still slogging away.
So I’ve started and finished a few smaller projects and purchased a couple of patterns that I’m hoping will help me get through to the end. One is a knit, Imagiro by Wooly Wormhead and the other is crochet, Dancing Trees Reversible Hat by Elitza Chernaeva
Nearly finished the fir trees, only 3 more need sewing up. The bulk were sewn during the local knitting group who are actually quilters and totally awesome.
 stuffed crochet fir trees

I finished up a little pair of booties that just needed threads hidden and the pretty pink bathroom basket. The basket also goes perfectly with the bunting from our wedding so I couldn’t help putting that up too.

knit baby bootiesbunting and crochet basket

I did a bit more unpacking and organizing and fit the majority of my yarn stash into the top of this unit and the toddler’s toys in the bottom.

toy and yarn storage

We’ve had a few nice walks to get in as much fresh air and sunshine while it’s still with us. Actually even in the rain it’s quite nice pottering about.

trees lined sunshine paths dog and toddler felled tree notice


  1. Al#1
    6 years ago

    great shots…MK looks lovely. cant wait for a visit!
    really interesting about the willow in the park. what a great idea!
    looking forward to your blog. your style of writing is comfortable..like we’re having a chat. keep on keeping on.
    love you loads xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


  2. Heidi
    6 years ago

    Ah thanks very much Al#1. Would you believe all the pics are taken with my camera phone?! We’ve not totally found all the bits to connect up the proper camera. There’s so many beautiful walks here that I know you’ll love. Thanks for reading x


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