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FO Friday | Puerperium Cardi

November 20, 2015 No Comments by Heidi

Happy Friday folks!

Long time no FO it seems but I’ve been making like a mad thing of late. Promise! Everything else is just super Santa secret. Some of the pieces I’ll show off after the gift exchanges others, like the Knitmas treasures, unfortunately will remain secret. Unless of course, I’m revealed by the sneaky sleuths of the group.

This week, I have the lovely wee Puerperium cardigan for you. I love it so much. Each stitch really was a joy especially when I was thinking about the wee person (not here yet) who this is for and their mum. The pattern is free for the newborn size and is just over £5 for the full range of sizes.

I put off finishing this one mostly out of fear. It’s my first proper knit garment and I just didn’t want to ruin it. So after consulting my trusty Principles of Knitting book, I set about attaching buttons. Instead of attaching them directly to the stitches as with crochet, I added a small scrap of coordinating fabric to the back of button band and it made sewing much easier. Not only does it provide stabilisation around the button area, it also makes it so much easier to see where the stitches are going.

Hope you have a lovely day and super weekend,

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