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FO Friday | Machine Knit Clapotis

September 11, 2015 No Comments by Heidi

Forgive me crafters it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve worked on any of my WIPs. I tried to knit a bit at craft night last Friday but I was still in too much pain. It’s easing up although I still can’t crochet or hand knit comfortably.

The knitting machine has really been a saviour for my sanity this week. I only need my right side for limited things so the majority of the hard work is done with my “good’ arm. JaneyMac, slugging that carriage across the needle bed is hard work when nearly all the needle are full. Super upper body workout!

I made a few swatches to be sure the machine is working then I wanted to get my teeth into an actual project. I remembered one of my knitty friends made a Clapotis on her knitting machine and decided to give it a go after having a look at the other projects on Ravelry. It took me a little while and a quick drawing for the pattern instructions to click with my brain then I was off and running.

I knit about 1/4 to 1/2 through and lost the right edge twice before I realised that I needed to move my weights up closer to the work. Speaking of weights, the claws were too heavy and the cast on comb I purchased recently was too long for this project so I used some plastic clothes pegs. I found too the wooden clothes pegs and our really thin plastic ones work well on even lighter weight yarn (about 2ply)

The yarn used is a 50/50 wool & acryclic mix. It’s the recommended yarn for learning and is very forgiving but holy cow it’s itchy. I’ve only washed it the once so I’m hoping another good soak sorts it out the itch.

It’s been really liberating to experiment with no agenda on the machine. Using the small amount of remembered information from my class all those months ago and a bit of curiosity has produced some neat swatches. Must book another class soon.

I’m off to have a look at all the shade cards I ordered last week and dream of more machine knitting experiments.

x H

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