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FO Friday | Lots & Lots of Beyond Puerperium

July 29, 2016 No Comments by Heidi

I’ve recently put buttons on on the final Beyond Puerperium and the other gifted should have arrived to  fellow knitty momma to be. So it’s safe to put my BP’s on display. From top left clockwise is a 0-3m size in John Arbon Knit by Numbers KBN27, 0-3m in Drops Nepal Dark Gray, and 6-12m in Cascade Superwash Lake Chelan Heather.

The KNB isn’t as stretchy as the other yarns but it’s so totally soft and amazing to work with that I don’t mind making more in larger sizes and can’t wait to use this yarn base in another project. Did I mention it’s totally yummy.

I love this pattern. It’s simple enough for a first garment but also challenging enough to keep the brain happy. On the last one I finally found my cardigan groove. Working the body first then going back to the sleeves works best for me since I find working in rows a bit painful. The purl rows seem to take forever so I tend to do only 2-4 rows per sitting to fend off the getting too impatient/bored with the cardi.

buttonhole maths

Clockwise from left to right: amount of rows/repeats, sizing pattern, & button hole locations

One of my knitty friends mentioned that the amount of button holes are a bit daunting. Yeah when starting out it’s totally daunting but with a little bit of prep work it’s totally doable. First, I made a swatch and recorded the gauge. Then chose what size I wanted to make and circled those instructions throughout the pattern. Then I worked out how many rows in a centimetre as it’s the most accurate way to gauge the size of something small in my opinion. Then I worked out how many rows/repeats are in 3cm, 3.5cm, and 4cm. With those measurements I was able to work out which rows should have buttonholes for each distance. The rest is testing and preference really. I’ve settled on a 3cm button hole distance for my cardigans but you might like a longer one. And while this sounds a bit labour intensive, all of it was done over a cup of tea that didn’t have a chance to go cold. Now that’s not long really.



Now that I feel I’ve conquered this pattern, I’m looking for something either with a bit of lacework or pattern to it.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend filled with tea, cake and making.


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