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FO Friday: Crochet Crown

May 29, 2015 No Comments by Heidi


Happy Friday! A quick and bright post for today. The daughter of a lovely friend turned 5 recently and is totally into pinks, purples and princesses. I was too when 5. So I thought what would my 5 year old self want? Well a pink crown of course.

This little crown whipped up quickly from the Drops Queen Guinevere pattern with less than half a skein of Lion Brand Hometown USA in Honolulu Pink. From my notes on Ravelry, I amended the pattern for the change in yarn because it didn’t have as much ease as suggested yarn. I started with 48 foundation chain so the stitch count on round 2 was 36 stitches. The final circumference of the crown was 17.5in / 45cm.

I think this will by my go to for last minute kids gifts or even for the kids at heart.


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