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FO Friday | Achemilla Shawl

August 21, 2015 No Comments by Heidi

It feels like year’s since I put up any finished pieces but the dust needed to settle on this one. A bit of space between working on the hap and talking about it definitely has helped.

I made this as part of Knit British’s Hapalong. It was such fun to take part and seeing all the FO’s in the thread kept me going through the rough patches. Pop over and have a look at some of the stunning haps. Each time I saw someone posting on twitter or instagram about the hapalong, I was instantly transported back to EYF and reminded of all the fun I had with my two Dublin Knitters which helped immensely because towards the end this hap and I fell out.

While clearer instructions on the edging would have helped so would not adjusting the pattern. I had a finite amount of yarn and my swatches indicated I’d run out of yarn if I didn’t shrink the central panel a bit.

I really wanted to make this hap with yarn from my stash to make room for festival yarns. The yarn, Drops Alpaca, had been sitting in my stash for over 3 years now. I first bought it to make a blanket for the bun in my belly. However, I’ve so many lovely crafty folk about me that a blanket was the last thing the baby would need. In the end I decided on using only 3 of the 4 colours in my stash. Even then I still had to buy another skein to finish the last 2 rows. All said and done, I used about 11 skeins. You can see my notes and mathematical gymnastics over on my project page. So. Much. Math.

After a light blocking, I was absolutely in love with it. I no longer saw the design features (mistakes I made). I only saw the lovely undulating edge and felt how happy the colour combination made my heart.

I will definitely make another one but I’ll be sure to order a few more skeins than needed to be sure that there is enough to do the full size. I’ve my eye on some Jamison & Smith and John Arbon but will see, just over  1,800 meters of yarn is hard to hide 😉

x H

p.s. I didn’t have a chance to take a proper camera shot of me in the hap but the other half captured an action shot as we were heading home from holiday. Perfect x


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