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Festiwool at Hitchin

November 14, 2015 No Comments by Heidi

Festiwool Back home all cosied up on a fairly wild afternoon out there following a couple hours at Festiwool. It was lovely and added to the Sunday feeling I have today. There were some familiar faces from Fibres East and various other festivals over the last year along with some new faces.

Since I’d not been before I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Festiwool is small gathering of exhibitors but there is still a lot to see.  I took a turn round the all the tables got lured in by Textile Garden and wasn’t disappointed (I never am.) and had a lovely cuppa before purchasing.

In addition to some presents, Christmas & birthdays, I picked up some lush Silky Merino from the Travel Knitter in Double Happiness that is destined to be a Humphrey from Johanna Scrace.  There’s buttons (Textile Garden) for the wee cardi I made, some beads for my next knitting hurdle (Sparkelduck), stitch markers in super cool tin (Travel Knitter), a new to me kind of crochet hook (Jane Crow) and a reminder of some beautiful yarn bowls (Wendy Fowler). Seriously the yarn bowls are pure works of art. I’ve mentally added one of them to the list of things for my workspace. Now I just need a dedicated work space 😉

It’s time to motor on. I can hear the Double Happiness calling me to cast on already.


ps If I keep ending up at shows with Spin City and Porpoise Fur, I might just give in and start spinning o_O

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