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EYF Bound!!

March 18, 2016 No Comments by Heidi


Edinburgh Yarn Fest Baby!!!

The excitement has totally set in. So seriously excited, I packed on Tuesday to be sure there would be enough room in my suitcase (half of it) for any and all treasures I return with.

I’d like to take my cardi with me but know it’s too bulky now for travelling. While I’m looking forward to the 6hr journey up (and same on way back) on the train, I don’t have enough sewing to last all that time.So I cast on a sock. It’s technically not part of the grander slow making year but I realise it’s necessary. There are a few car journeys on the horizon and aran weight cardigans don’t travel well. Plus some small zen knitting in the round is always handy for those unexpected trips to the doctor.

Casting on took me the better part of Monday and had me nearly in tears but I got there. I’ve done socks before but not toe up. Before casting on I thought I could do 2 socks at a time but that nonsense was quickly forgotten after the third frogging.

In the end I got the sock going and it looked good bar the lumpy purl row at the toe. It just didn’t look right to me. So I did a bit more research and I was right, the purls were meant to be inside. *sigh* One more frogging and so glad that I did. The toe looks much nicer now and it should wear better.


Now for the increases. My kfb (knit front & back) increases are a bit loose. I think a make 1 left or right would be nicer and won’t leave any sort of holes. There’s no way I’m ripping back, I’ll just continue on with the changes. Besides, it’ll be in my shoe. No one needs to know the finished sock toes are slightly different.

Have a lovely weekend folks!


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