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November 2, 2015 No Comments by Heidi

dinosaurs eating bran flakesChatting to the OH last night about Dinovember and he admitted to being stuck as to what to do with the dinesaurs. So what do you do on a slow Monday in between chores and keeping a small person entertained?

Why yes, make a list of stuff for your dinosaurs to do during Dinovember!

    1. eating cereal
    2. playing with the recycling
    3. driving cars to the garage
    4. cleaning up
    5. collecting the milk
    6. fixing stuff in the mending basket
    7. tangled up in the knitting machine
    8. tangled up in yarn bowl
    9. messing with playdough
    10. with pirates
    11. playing poker with the stuffed toys
    12. having a tea party with ikea cakes
    13. playing puzzles
    14. reading books
    15. battling the tiny men (lego minifies)
    16. sewing on the machine
    17. making dinner
    18. watching tellie with remotes
    19. hiding in the plants
    20. making up packed lunch for school
    21. drawing on the long paper roll
    22. making the coffee
    23. brushing their teeth
    24. messing with the toilet roll
    25. playing in a band
    26. playing with the trains
    27. repelling from the curtain poles
    28. doing the ironing
    29. playing scrabble
    30. dinosaur surgery

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