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Cycling Adventures with Toddler

March 27, 2015 No Comments by Heidi

bike with trailer

Despite a rocky start / unwillingness to get in the trailer, the toddler & I had a great 1st run this week. I really thought that I’m so out of cycling shape that towing a toddler behind me would be impossible. It so wasn’t. Sure the steep incline at the canal foot bridge was impossible in the saddle but it would have been without the trailer, auld Betsy only has 3 gears and I’m not a climber.

All in all we had a respectable 2.6 mile cycle with singing, snacks and pretty much no tears so long as we had a stop at the playgrounds we passed.

I’m looking forward to a few more dry days to get used to the bike with a trailer, figuring out stopping distance and how sharply /wide I need to take turns.

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