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Crochet Cables

March 12, 2015 No Comments by Heidi

So crochet cable projects haven’t really been on my list of to do’s. I happily teach cables but prefer making shawls. I’m trying widen my crochet horizons because I made a lot of shawls last year.

The perfect opportunity came up when I had a look at our birthday calendar. I saw a friend’s toddler has a birthday coming up. Toddler (any kid) stuff is a great way to try different techniques. The items are small so there’s limited time investment and if it goes wrong fewer tears when you need to rip back. I hooked this in a day; started in the evening & finished up over breakfast.

I decided on a free pattern (I’ve bought a lot of patterns this month so felt a bit guilty getting another one.), the Cabled Cutie Slouch by BreeAnna Laub. Her pattern is well written and there are a lot of photos to help you along the way. If you’re a brave beginner or an intermediate crocheter, you can totally tackle this project.

While you can throw the hat on and run out the door, it’s well worth while to take a little time and finish it properly. If you have some Eucalan or Soak throw a little bit in a sink or dishtub of water. Special soak isn’t necessary but it’s nice. It softens the yarn a bit more and it leaves a lovely smell. Let it soak for a minimum of 15 minutes then gently squeeze the water out, just don’t wring your project because it’ll lose shape. Once the bulk of the water is out, roll your hat in a thick towel and let it sit on top of an airer or rad for 20 -30min then remove and let it dry flat.

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