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Christmas is GO!

December 7, 2014 No Comments by Heidi

Christmas planning & preparations started, at first just a trickle but now we’re in full flow. The window sills that face the street (but not direct sunlight) all have a copse of crochet fir trees each. I think a few cross country skiers would look great or maybe some snow men. Maybe I’ll also hang some star garland in the larger window and some hearts in the smaller ones. We’ll see how it goes. Sure it doesn’t have to be all done this year. Plenty more Christmases to come!

This year I decided I’m only making handmade items for the people who also do handmade. It’s significantly shortened my usual list and has reduced my stress. This is especially helpful because there’s so much going on and the OH has been travelling quite a bit. When he is away my time & energy to do crafty things shrinks to near nil mostly because chasing after a toddler is time/energy consuming. At then end of the day I just want to sink into the sofa and watch some drivel on the tellie. Also I tend to only get to work on things in the evening which usually results in mistakes and frogging (ripping back rows). I’d trade my yarn stash for a rent-a-granny or nanny!

All my handmade Secret Santa items are finished and ends are weaved in which was tough because I usually save that task for knitting group. I hate weaving in ends. It’s the yarn equivalent of folding & putting away the laundry after I’ve already done all the sorting, washing and drying.  Anyway, some of the items have been soaked and are even blocked.

I’d *so* love to show pictures but that would be telling so I’ll hold out a while longer.

Now that I completed my handmade gift list, I’ve leisurely started something else to occupy me for the next couple of days. It’s for a dearly loved friend who has really looked after me this year. Her small acts of kindness lifted my spirits on more than one occasion.

Then once the library is open again, I’ll print the template for some family stockings from Sew Like My Mom with the lovely fabrics below. One of my lovely local crafty friends has offered to help which is amazing. I’m ok with the sewing as I’ve done a mock up of another pattern but there are a few sewing skills not included in the tutorial that will help make the stockings last longer. Well, hopefully long enough until the toddler can make his own.

christmas fabric

This week brought some amazing charity shop finds. I was hoping to find one of the items on my Secret Santa list in a charity shop as the budget is small. And I did! It took a couple of trips but explored a couple of new places and possibly sourced a mirror for the house. There was also a bonus find for the OH that complements one of his presents well. I’m over the moon,  I found such lovely things and even better didn’t have to go to the mall. It just shows that you can find some amazing gifts without breaking the bank if you can take the time to look.

I don’t know about you but at this time of year, I ALWAYS look at handmade things and think Ooooh I should make one of those too! I start, then realize there isn’t enough time. The item is put by the side and forgotten until I dive into my stash again, usually in July. Making Christmas decorations in July is hard. Not for the heat but the lack of Christmas cheer. This week it was The Yarn Harlot’s gorgeous advent calendar that instigated, Whoa! That’s what I’ve been looking for/ want to make!

I discovered The Yarn Harlot aka Stephanie-Pearl-McPhee through a library book, Free-Range Knitter: The Yarn Harlot Writes Again, years ago. I’ve never laughed so much reading in public. Also thought numerous times while reading, yeah that’s me too. I highly recommend it or any of her books for fellow yarn lovers. In fact it’s been so many years since I read it, I’m going to have a look for it. Besides I could do with a good laugh. It’s been a rough few weeks.

So along the lines of making gifts and after reading one of The Yarn Harlot’s other posts, I’m following her lead and making a Christmas project plan for next year. I’m not sure yet if I’ll use Asana, an online project management tool. We used it for our wedding since so many of people were helping us with the preparations around Ireland and Europe. Or maybe I’ll stick with a plain workbook with multiple sheets. I love a good workbook and a GNATT chart. However now that I’m solely using a mac; I’m not sure how to integrate a GNATT chart into Numbers.

Now all we need to do is get a tree, put up some lights, sit back with a nice glass bottle of wine and breathe.

Have a lovely crafting week!  🙂


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