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Christmas In October

October 16, 2015 No Comments by Heidi

Ok so Christmas in July didn’t work out for me. That’s ok. I’ve picked up the elfy pieces and restarted my Christmas projects.

I made 2 of the Christmas stockings from Sew Like My Mom but something isn’t right about mine. The lining ends up much smaller so it doesn’t reach the bottom of the stocking or right into the toe loosing much needed small chocolate treat space. Loss of chocolate space is not cool so I adapted things.

I popped some interfacing on the all the pieces and trimmed it down so the seams wouldn’t be too bulky. I sewed all about the edges leaving the top of the stocking open so I could turn it inside out. It’s just ok. There is lots of shape to the stocking but lacks a softness. Also I should have put the wrong side toward the right side of the body so when I folded down the cuff it would end up on the out side like the first two. Instead it’s inside.

There is other Christmas sewing in the works but all of them are secret 😉


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