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Category: WIP Wednesdays

03 Aug

WIP Wednesday | Dark & Strong Socks

I picked up C.C. Almon’s sock book at Edinburgh Yarn festival. I love it. The pattern difficulty is measured in how many cups of coffee you need to get the brain going. Also each pattern is written for top down & toe up so either you work how you please or you get to experiment […]

27 Jul

WIP Wednesday |Blackcurrant Shawl

Hello! Long time no see eh? It’s been a busy time here but things are settling down and we’re in waiting mode for our newest family member. I’ve chipped away at my WIPs so now instead of 12 there’s only 4! That is until the Ravellenic Games start up. Of the four, I’m currently in love […]

23 Mar

WIP Wednesday | Growing Slowly

It feels like I’ve been working on the body of this cardi for yonks with no progress. Rationally, I know this isn’t the case. Also my tape measure insists that the centimetres are mounting up and I’m only 3-5cm away from picking up the band stitches! Because the body portion is so big and at times super […]

16 Mar

WIP Wednesday | A Slower Making Year

Late last year I took stock of my crochet and knit items along with my stash. It was a color stock take rather than quantity because I realized, I didn’t wear many of my makes. It’s not that they aren’t lovely, more that I (impulsively also probably yarn fumes were involved) chose yarn colors that made me […]

20 May

WIP Wednesday: Hapalong Half Way Point

When I’m making a shawl or even a blanket that has a elaborate edging, I always consider the the start of the edge as the half way point. The body, while usually large, isn’t too taxing on the brain. It has a simple pattern repeat that can be worked while chatting or watching a movie. What […]