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Category: sewing

23 Mar

WIP Wednesday | Growing Slowly

It feels like I’ve been working on the body of this cardi for yonks with no progress. Rationally, I know this isn’t the case. Also my tape measure insists that the centimetres are mounting up and I’m only 3-5cm away from picking up the band stitches! Because the body portion is so big and at times super […]

20 Oct

Embrace the Wonky

After a year of Fridays among hand sewing quilters, I cracked. I started a small EPP (English paper piecing) project and it’s highly addictive. I love all the prep that goes into it. Cutting paper back pieces, then the fabric and wrapping the fabric around the paper. The process is very slow and meditative. The hand […]

16 Oct

Christmas In October

Ok so Christmas in July didn’t work out for me. That’s ok. I’ve picked up the elfy pieces and restarted my Christmas projects. I made 2 of the Christmas stockings from Sew Like My Mom but something isn’t right about mine. The lining ends up much smaller so it doesn’t reach the bottom of the […]