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Category: Moments

31 May

A Pause for the Restorative Knit

Happy MondayTuesday! I hope you all had a lovely long weekend and got to spend a bit of time with your WIPs. It’s gone a bit crazy here with a couple of new volunteer roles, an impending house purchase (our 1st) and the not long now new human arrival. Less than 9 weeks to go. […]

07 Mar

So Long Lurgy

Heya! Nope I didn’t fall down a rabbit hole, just a lurgy hole. We have all been sick in one form or the other. When we thought we were well, something else came along to take us down a notch. However, I think it’s safe to say we are over the worst bit (I hope.). It’s […]

04 Jan

Hibernation / Convalescence

Moments No Comments by Heidi

As my Christmas holiday luck would have it, I put my back out 2 weeks before Christmas. Many things were planned, many things didn’t happen, but that’s ok. The internet saved the day for gifts not yet gotten and the other half looked after anything that required a mobile human. The little one’s creche lent a hand […]

04 Nov

Wordless Wednesday | Stowe Flora & Fauna

15 Sep

My Commute

I know in my brain it’s Tuesday but in my heart it’s Monday. It’s my start of the week because the sprog goes off to see his friends in creche and I get a chance to sit and think or work on projects. I love our chats along the way but what I love more […]

05 Sep

My Favorite Jumper

It’s another chilly morning and I refuse to put the heating on this early in September and there’s a dampness in the air. It’s the perfect time to throw on my favourite jumper. As a maker it’s slightly embarrassing to have it in my wardrobe. This jumper isn’t made of the best material, it’s old, […]

10 Aug

Focus & Explore

When my news of my visa approval came through, a rush of ideas exploded through my brain as if a dam burst. When I wasn’t allowed to work, I didn’t dare think them out loud for fear of jinxing the process. Now I’m free to live and work as any average person anything is possible. All this […]

20 Jul

Praise Barbra!!

Moments No Comments by Heidi

A fellow non-religious friend needed someone to pray to while in college. You know, for good grades, a gentler hangover in the morning, for the freshman 5 to settle somewhere useful, the usual college age stuff. She named her deity, Barbra. I gave Barbara a shot last week. Sort of a Hail Mary if you […]

03 Jul

Time Flies

Moments No Comments by Heidi

I’m not quite sure where the weeks are going. As the days slipped past me in the last couple of weeks, I felt guilty. Guilty for not writing proper posts and for not posting at all. If so inclined I probably could have carved out time but posting was not a priority. The priority is […]

01 Jun

Mending & Growing

Moments No Comments by Heidi

Clockwise from top: Sock experiment, mending leather handbag, mending cloth skirt. It was one of those stop start weekends. The toddler is covered head to toe with chicken pox so it was mostly a house centric weekend working on small projects and taking bites out of larger ones while providing copious quantities of cuddles. Life’s […]

25 May

Monday, Monday

Janey Mac, it’s Monday again! Where does the time go? I sat down yesterday to make a plan for the week and realised I’ve lost a week. Last week was so busy with visitors and a long unexpected journey that nothing on my lengthy To Do list got done. So I’m taking advantage of the […]

01 Mar

Head Down

Moments No Comments by Heidi

I’m still here; feeling a bit word rusty. We’re coming out of another period of massive colds. The toddler had his first bout of tonsillitis and was truly woeful.  So I’ve quietly worked away at my goals for this quarter in stolen moments. All bar the sewing everything is accomplished. Kind of. I’ve written my pattern, made […]

04 Jan

Adventures with Toddler

yarn, buttons, stitch markers

This Christmas holiday is the first time our little family has spent an extended period together. We did have a holiday/honeymoon in June which was awesome but we only had time for 5 days. The extended period I’m talking about is the make or break time of 16 days. It’s been amazing! Not one day has gone […]

31 Dec

Home Sweet Home

Sorry so long, no hear. The mission of the last while has been to relax and recuperate. The mission is accomplished. Presently all of us are in good health & spirits, even the toddler’s horrible cough is gone, and we’ve had lots of rest. All of this in our own home. Yay! After the dust settled, we […]

14 Dec

The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men

Moments 1 Comment by Heidi

The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men Gang aft agley, An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain, For promis’d joy! From To a Mouse (Tae a Moos) by Robert Burns Well, these verses have gone through my head since my last post for various reasons. First because I woke Monday with sinus pain that […]

17 Nov

Tea, Tissues & Terrible TV

tea cup & pot, honey pot, tissues

Well, mid week the toddler’s drool river slowed in order to give way to the Chicken Pox. It’s brilliant that we’ve gotten this so early and it’s not been so bad really. A few patches here and there without too much itching. Just a poorly wee toddler who wasn’t sure what was happening. For me, […]

27 Oct

Building Habits (good ones)

note book and pencil

I’m at the beginning of a few projects so this is a quick roundup while I continue to make notes on various crochet pieces for longer project specific posts. For the moment, I want to build a good habit of sitting down and writing whether it’s a full craft piece or a selection of moments. There […]