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Category: Inspiration

02 Nov


Chatting to the OH last night about Dinovember and he admitted to being stuck as to what to do with the dinesaurs. So what do you do on a slow Monday in between chores and keeping a small person entertained? Why yes, make a list of stuff for your dinosaurs to do during Dinovember! eating […]

28 Oct

Wordless Wednesday | Stowe Monuments

27 Oct

The difference a year makes

As I work on this wee cardigan, I stopped every so often to admire it. IT’S SO TINY!! And CUTE! I can’t wait to cuddle the little one that’s meant to go in it and it’s mum. The pattern is Puerperium by Kelly Brooker. I’m also amazed. This time last year, I could not purl […]

21 Oct

Wordless Wednesday | While Waiting

20 Oct

Embrace the Wonky

After a year of Fridays among hand sewing quilters, I cracked. I started a small EPP (English paper piecing) project and it’s highly addictive. I love all the prep that goes into it. Cutting paper back pieces, then the fabric and wrapping the fabric around the paper. The process is very slow and meditative. The hand […]

16 Oct

Christmas In October

Ok so Christmas in July didn’t work out for me. That’s ok. I’ve picked up the elfy pieces and restarted my Christmas projects. I made 2 of the Christmas stockings from Sew Like My Mom but something isn’t right about mine. The lining ends up much smaller so it doesn’t reach the bottom of the […]

14 Oct

Wordless Wednesday | One Foggy Morning

07 Oct

Wordless Wednesday | Wandering

30 Sep

Wordless Wednesday | Windmill

23 Sep

Wordless Wednesday| MK Museum

18 Sep

Work Space

Since my other half is technically a remote worker we do have a dedicated office. It’s in the only room in our house with closets. I’ll never get used to the lack of closet space here. Anyway I digress. It’s not a horrible space but I prefer the view out over the garden at ground […]

16 Sep

Wordless Wednesday | Fete, like Fate but with jam.


15 Sep

My Commute

I know in my brain it’s Tuesday but in my heart it’s Monday. It’s my start of the week because the sprog goes off to see his friends in creche and I get a chance to sit and think or work on projects. I love our chats along the way but what I love more […]

09 Sep

Wordless Wednesday| Calamity

05 Sep

My Favorite Jumper

It’s another chilly morning and I refuse to put the heating on this early in September and there’s a dampness in the air. It’s the perfect time to throw on my favourite jumper. As a maker it’s slightly embarrassing to have it in my wardrobe. This jumper isn’t made of the best material, it’s old, […]

02 Sep

Wordless Wednesday |Pink

31 Aug

I Like Big Swatches & I Cannot Lie

My larger projects are winding down and the pattern I’m working on is nearly ready to go so my mind has turned to what’s next; a cardigan or jumper. The more I chat to other crocheters or knitters, I realise I’m a bit of an anomaly. I love swatching. It allows me to get to […]

26 Aug

Wordless Wednesday |Pointy

24 Aug

Post Festival Life

Well, camping was a major success even with only 2hrs sleep on the 2nd night. Sprog had a fantastic time playing with the pack of “big boy”, messing on the slip and slide and generally running around exploring. We met so many insanely lovely people and their kids I could have cried. After we realised the […]

21 Aug

FO Friday | Achemilla Shawl

It feels like year’s since I put up any finished pieces but the dust needed to settle on this one. A bit of space between working on the hap and talking about it definitely has helped. I made this as part of Knit British’s Hapalong. It was such fun to take part and seeing all the FO’s […]