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Category: Inspiration

03 Aug

WIP Wednesday | Dark & Strong Socks

I picked up C.C. Almon’s sock book at Edinburgh Yarn festival. I love it. The pattern difficulty is measured in how many cups of coffee you need to get the brain going. Also each pattern is written for top down & toe up so either you work how you please or you get to experiment […]

29 Jul

FO Friday | Lots & Lots of Beyond Puerperium

I’ve recently put buttons on on the final Beyond Puerperium and the other gifted should have arrived to  fellow knitty momma to be. So it’s safe to put my BP’s on display. From top left clockwise is a 0-3m size in John Arbon Knit by Numbers KBN27, 0-3m in Drops Nepal Dark Gray, and 6-12m in Cascade Superwash Lake […]

27 Jul

WIP Wednesday |Blackcurrant Shawl

Hello! Long time no see eh? It’s been a busy time here but things are settling down and we’re in waiting mode for our newest family member. I’ve chipped away at my WIPs so now instead of 12 there’s only 4! That is until the Ravellenic Games start up. Of the four, I’m currently in love […]

31 May

A Pause for the Restorative Knit

Happy MondayTuesday! I hope you all had a lovely long weekend and got to spend a bit of time with your WIPs. It’s gone a bit crazy here with a couple of new volunteer roles, an impending house purchase (our 1st) and the not long now new human arrival. Less than 9 weeks to go. […]

07 Mar

So Long Lurgy

Heya! Nope I didn’t fall down a rabbit hole, just a lurgy hole. We have all been sick in one form or the other. When we thought we were well, something else came along to take us down a notch. However, I think it’s safe to say we are over the worst bit (I hope.). It’s […]

06 Jan

Wordless Wednesday | Durdle Door

16 Dec

Wordless Wednesday | Portland Bill & Pulpit Rock

09 Dec

Wordless Wednesday | Portland Bill Flora

02 Dec

Wordless Wednesday |Swallows Rest, Wyke Regis

30 Nov

Last Night of Dinovember

This evening is the last night for dinosaur adventures. They’ve kindly broken form and co me out during the day for little photo before heading back to bed. We’ve had a lot of fun here exercising our creative muscles to help the dinos find new adventures each evening. Some nights it was just plain tough, especially […]

27 Nov

FO Friday| Diagonal Blanket

Happy Friday! This is the blanket that sparked the little cardigan from last week. I set out to make a lovely wave border but the math didn’t work out. Oh well, will just have to make another one. I’ve amended the start as the pattern didn’t give a pronounce corner at the start that matched […]

25 Nov

Wordless Wednesday |Seaside

23 Nov

Map & List Making

When I put this on my to do for last week I wasn’t sure I was even going to get to it let alone write a bit about it. But I did.  It feels good and a bit scary. Like roller coaster scary not zombie scary. I’ve been looking at /reading the Map Making guide on and […]

20 Nov

FO Friday | Puerperium Cardi

Happy Friday folks! Long time no FO it seems but I’ve been making like a mad thing of late. Promise! Everything else is just super Santa secret. Some of the pieces I’ll show off after the gift exchanges others, like the Knitmas treasures, unfortunately will remain secret. Unless of course, I’m revealed by the sneaky […]

18 Nov

Wordless Wednesday |Land & Sea

14 Nov

Festiwool at Hitchin

Back home all cosied up on a fairly wild afternoon out there following a couple hours at Festiwool. It was lovely and added to the Sunday feeling I have today. There were some familiar faces from Fibres East and various other festivals over the last year along with some new faces. Since I’d not been before […]

11 Nov

Wordless Wednesday | Bright Blue

10 Nov

It’s an ongoing process

It’s taken a school term but I think we’ve a routine forming. In fact, I think the small human figured it out a lot quicker than me. I was presented with a few voluntary opportunities that I really want to take part in. The thing was I wasn’t sure how long things would take me to do […]

06 Nov

My Other Love

photography books

Over the last six months or so I slowly returned to my other passion, photography. I know this not because I’m taking my camera out more often but I’m reading up on technical aspects of photography. Even when I haven’t held a camera in months I enjoy reading about the theoretical or philosophical aspects of it. I am […]

04 Nov

Wordless Wednesday | Stowe Flora & Fauna