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Category: Finished Object Friday

05 Aug

FO Friday | Mini Makes

There’s been a bunch baby bits being made up here alongside my larger projects. They’ve been a welcome break to the sometimes overwhelming feeling that takes over when working on an adult garment. You know, that feeling of “Are we there yet!” I’ve made a few Fast Baby Mittens, Garter Ear Flap Hat  & some Chansons Mignons for […]

29 Jul

FO Friday | Lots & Lots of Beyond Puerperium

I’ve recently put buttons on on the final Beyond Puerperium and the other gifted should have arrived to  fellow knitty momma to be. So it’s safe to put my BP’s on display. From top left clockwise is a 0-3m size in John Arbon Knit by Numbers KBN27, 0-3m in Drops Nepal Dark Gray, and 6-12m in Cascade Superwash Lake […]

11 Mar

FO Friday | Little Trees Vest

I enjoyed making the Puerperium cardigan so much that I figured I’d give another small garment a go. Little Trees was in my Rav queue for some time now and after a cardigan this was a super simple relaxing knit. Despite making a design feature in one of the shoulders, I’m happy with how it turned out. It’s […]

27 Nov

FO Friday| Diagonal Blanket

Happy Friday! This is the blanket that sparked the little cardigan from last week. I set out to make a lovely wave border but the math didn’t work out. Oh well, will just have to make another one. I’ve amended the start as the pattern didn’t give a pronounce corner at the start that matched […]

20 Nov

FO Friday | Puerperium Cardi

Happy Friday folks! Long time no FO it seems but I’ve been making like a mad thing of late. Promise! Everything else is just super Santa secret. Some of the pieces I’ll show off after the gift exchanges others, like the Knitmas treasures, unfortunately will remain secret. Unless of course, I’m revealed by the sneaky […]

30 Oct

FO Friday | October Leaves CAL

Finished and I couldn’t be happier with this FO. It’s been soaked but not blocked yet cause well mid term break and a tiny helper is not helpful. Even with one soak the yarn is so soft. The drape is lovely and I’m slightly sad it’s heading off to the lovely p/hop folk. I’ll just have […]

23 Oct

FO Friday | Baaarace Yourself Cowl

  I think this is my best FO to date! So while I couldn’t work I finished writing a pattern. It felt weird to write something not intended for a specific class or workshop but for release into the wild. I won’t lie it is bit scary (as all new things sometimes are) but my crafty […]

11 Sep

FO Friday | Machine Knit Clapotis

Forgive me crafters it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve worked on any of my WIPs. I tried to knit a bit at craft night last Friday but I was still in too much pain. It’s easing up although I still can’t crochet or hand knit comfortably. The knitting machine has really been a saviour for my sanity […]

21 Aug

FO Friday | Achemilla Shawl

It feels like year’s since I put up any finished pieces but the dust needed to settle on this one. A bit of space between working on the hap and talking about it definitely has helped. I made this as part of Knit British’s Hapalong. It was such fun to take part and seeing all the FO’s […]

05 Jun

FO Friday | Wedding Shawl

The finished object for this Friday is my wedding Jadira shawl by Bernadette Ambergen. The yarn is Wollmeise “Pure” 100% Merino Superwash in Chim chim chimney chosen to match my shoes. I absolutely love this colour. It’s so bright and happy, like cornflowers. I don’t normally do deadline work but I wanted to finish this shawl […]

29 May

FO Friday: Crochet Crown

Happy Friday! A quick and bright post for today. The daughter of a lovely friend turned 5 recently and is totally into pinks, purples and princesses. I was too when 5. So I thought what would my 5 year old self want? Well a pink crown of course. This little crown whipped up quickly from the Drops Queen […]

15 May

FO Friday |Crochet Birdcage Veil

This time last year we got married. It was a wonderful day. So many elements of our wedding were handmade; the decorations for the reception hall and church pews, my bouquet and the cake. One of the things I made for myself were elements for a birdcage veil. I wanted something that was a nod to […]