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Category: Crochet

16 Mar

WIP Wednesday | A Slower Making Year

Late last year I took stock of my crochet and knit items along with my stash. It was a color stock take rather than quantity because I realized, I didn’t wear many of my makes. It’s not that they aren’t lovely, more that I (impulsively also probably yarn fumes were involved) chose yarn colors that made me […]

30 Oct

FO Friday | October Leaves CAL

Finished and I couldn’t be happier with this FO. It’s been soaked but not blocked yet cause well mid term break and a tiny helper is not helpful. Even with one soak the yarn is so soft. The drape is lovely and I’m slightly sad it’s heading off to the lovely p/hop folk. I’ll just have […]

23 Oct

FO Friday | Baaarace Yourself Cowl

  I think this is my best FO to date! So while I couldn’t work I finished writing a pattern. It felt weird to write something not intended for a specific class or workshop but for release into the wild. I won’t lie it is bit scary (as all new things sometimes are) but my crafty […]

22 Oct

October Leaves CAL Week 3

I love the light this time of year because it shifts so quickly that new hues bounce out at different times. The colours also change as you get closer too, so what appeared bright red is a bit muted. It’s been a far away up close week both for the shawl and all the beautiful leaves. […]

15 Oct

October Leaves CAL Week 2

Crochet No Comments by Heidi

  The trees here are exploding with vibrant reds, oranges and yellows. I like to think they’re wearing their party frocks. Here we are at the end of the 2nd week of working on October Leaves and I’m already over half way through the pattern! While making the Tunisian rows I always have a feeling that […]

01 Oct

Autumnal CAL for p/hop

With a dodgy shoulder and a cyst that decided to make a reappearance, I didn’t think I’d get this CAL going at all so hadn’t chatted about it. I had great intentions of making a sample in September and some video tutorials but my body had other ideas. So as with so many other things in […]

22 Aug

Friendstival Bunting

I’m super excited because we’re going camping for the first time as a couple and a wee family. The lovely manager from Sprog’s creche and her husband put together a fantastic family friendly camping festival with attendees sharing their skills. Friendstival! There will be fire making, wild foraging, basket making and a bunch of other […]

05 Jun

FO Friday | Wedding Shawl

The finished object for this Friday is my wedding Jadira shawl by Bernadette Ambergen. The yarn is Wollmeise “Pure” 100% Merino Superwash in Chim chim chimney chosen to match my shoes. I absolutely love this colour. It’s so bright and happy, like cornflowers. I don’t normally do deadline work but I wanted to finish this shawl […]

29 May

FO Friday: Crochet Crown

Happy Friday! A quick and bright post for today. The daughter of a lovely friend turned 5 recently and is totally into pinks, purples and princesses. I was too when 5. So I thought what would my 5 year old self want? Well a pink crown of course. This little crown whipped up quickly from the Drops Queen […]

25 May

Monday, Monday

Janey Mac, it’s Monday again! Where does the time go? I sat down yesterday to make a plan for the week and realised I’ve lost a week. Last week was so busy with visitors and a long unexpected journey that nothing on my lengthy To Do list got done. So I’m taking advantage of the […]

20 May

WIP Wednesday: Hapalong Half Way Point

When I’m making a shawl or even a blanket that has a elaborate edging, I always consider the the start of the edge as the half way point. The body, while usually large, isn’t too taxing on the brain. It has a simple pattern repeat that can be worked while chatting or watching a movie. What […]

19 May


I’m procraftinating. It’s a word. Really. Anyone with a deadline looming knows about this. While my deadline is self inflicted it’s still there, menacing me. My chosen crafty poison is swatching. Seriously. So far I’ve swatched 3 different yarns for various sock patterns and started the swatch for my next pattern. It’s good thing I did. I’m […]

15 May

FO Friday |Crochet Birdcage Veil

This time last year we got married. It was a wonderful day. So many elements of our wedding were handmade; the decorations for the reception hall and church pews, my bouquet and the cake. One of the things I made for myself were elements for a birdcage veil. I wanted something that was a nod to […]

05 Apr

Testers, Testers, 1. 2. 3.

Crochet No Comments by Heidi
pattern & cowl

My pattern came back this week from my lovely technical editor, Julie from Button Button. It was promptly tidied up and a call for testers went up on the p/hop Ravelry forum, Twitter and Facebook.  I was overwhelmed by the response, seriously thinking it would take weeks to get enough testers but as of last […]

12 Mar

Crochet Cables

So crochet cable projects haven’t really been on my list of to do’s. I happily teach cables but prefer making shawls. I’m trying widen my crochet horizons because I made a lot of shawls last year. The perfect opportunity came up when I had a look at our birthday calendar. I saw a friend’s toddler has a […]

17 Nov

Tea, Tissues & Terrible TV

tea cup & pot, honey pot, tissues

Well, mid week the toddler’s drool river slowed in order to give way to the Chicken Pox. It’s brilliant that we’ve gotten this so early and it’s not been so bad really. A few patches here and there without too much itching. Just a poorly wee toddler who wasn’t sure what was happening. For me, […]

11 Nov

We Survived!

I write this with the cry familiar to parents worldwide of teething children. I’M SO WEARY! And there is so much drool. Seriously, how much drool can a toddler produce?! I’m sure the toddler could have filled his paddling pool twice over at this stage. Now that I got that out of the way on […]

27 Oct

Building Habits (good ones)

note book and pencil

I’m at the beginning of a few projects so this is a quick roundup while I continue to make notes on various crochet pieces for longer project specific posts. For the moment, I want to build a good habit of sitting down and writing whether it’s a full craft piece or a selection of moments. There […]