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Back to School

September 8, 2015 No Comments by Heidi

It feels like Monday. It is & and it isn’t, it’s my Monday. The 1st day of back to school and while only a few hours have past since the sprog returned to creche, it seems like ages. I guess when you’re used to only a few minutes on your own anything longer is amazing.

So I’ve been totally frivolous this morning and not looked at anything that needs doing in the house (also the plan for the remainder of the week).  After the creche run, I got my nails done. I cannot remember when I did that last. Sitting and doing nothing. No phone, no book, no chat. Ah.

Then it was off home to headphones, coffee and a bit of time on the knitting machine and staring out the window. My cast on is still a bit sloppy but much better than last time and I was able to cast off. Last time I had “help”. Right now the swatch is floating around in the washing machine and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I think I’ll try something more adventurous on Thursday.

It’s small progress but still progress during a time when I’m not able to make much else.

Hope you all had a lovely morning.



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