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A Stitch in Pink

October 13, 2014 No Comments by Heidi

PinkJumperSipink ball of yarnnce today is a bit grey and damp out and while the toddler snoozes, I thought it was high time to get this site/blog/experiment thing up and running again. No agenda just sit down, write and see what develops.

So this is my little stitch for today. Stitching together of some time in the form of words, a bit of code & snaps. Then the physical stitches of a bit of crochet.

We’ve been here a month this week. Although I’ve been through most of the shops, I’ve not been able to quite find storage that I like so I’m making some with this ball of happy pink cotton. It’ll be a round container for the small loo to hold little bits and pieces. Tidying up the window ledge, focusing on the light and flowers and not the clutter.

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