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A Pause for the Restorative Knit

May 31, 2016 No Comments by Heidi

Happy MondayTuesday! I hope you all had a lovely long weekend and got to spend a bit of time with your WIPs.

IMG_3644It’s gone a bit crazy here with a couple of new volunteer roles, an impending house purchase (our 1st) and the not long now new human arrival. Less than 9 weeks to go. Eeek!

So anything on the needles now is for restorative purposes. Stress levels haven’t quite gotten to swatch only status. W’re not far off. The New Jersey accent has come out quite a bit lately. 🙂 Mostly the WIPs are squishy baby knits for the bunch of other peoples smalls who are arriving soon. I’ve made most before, luckily, they require very little of my attention.

IMG_3652I’m also working on an Alyssium cardi for myself so the tiny WIPs make a nice break the monotony that sometimes takes over with a larger project. Also the smaller pieces keep me from sitting too long with the larger project.

I hope you have a great short week.



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